Put Some Respeck On Her Name! Mehgan James Claps Back At TMZ For Accusing Of Planting Rob Kardashian Dating Stories.


Earlier this morning, TMZ claims Mehgan’s “team” contacted a bunch of media outlets planting the story about the Rob K dating the former BGC reality star. We’re told her goal was to spread her name, grow her following.

Meghan says TMZ are dirty liars and went off on the GRAM.

“Oh look. This is getting ridiculous! And the fact that it’s Monday and YALL are STILL talking about this is beyond me.. So sine you guys wanna talk. Let’s talk!

I did not fake anything. I said I never confirmed that i was dating rob. Any one that asked me I told them it was not true. AND, not to mention  the media is trying to make me look like the villain here  when THEY are the ones who pieced together a story with no receipts. It takes two people to fake a relationship, anyone who fakes a relationship by themselves is a complete idiot!!

I’ve  been working in the entertainment since I was 18 I’ve done a multitude of TV shows as well as a couple of films. As well as have had  over half a million social media followers over 2 years. Oh wait!  I have a college degree and a vendor for one of the most popular clothing companies online right now. So fame. Yall are reaching!

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