“Cash Me Outside” Girl Danielle Bregoli Sues Game Developers For $1m For Stealing Famous Catchphrase.


In Bish Better Have My Money section, “Cash Me Outside” is seeking legal action against  game developers for $1 m for Stealing famous catch phrase.

According to reports, Bregoli rose to fame based on her September 2016 appearance as an out-of-control teen on Dr. Phil, on which she challenged an audience member to fight by using her soon-to-be catchphrase, “Cash me outside!”

It’s that catchphrase that’s at the heart of Bregoli’s recent suit, which is technically brought by the Boynton Beach native’s mother, Barbara Ann Bregoli, and the family’s company Dani B Holdings LLC.

The defendant in the suit, Anonymous Games Inc., created smartphone games entitled “Cash Me Outside” and “How Bow Dat,” both phrases used by Danielle in the now-infamous Dr. Phil appearance. The Bregolis allege that this violated their intellectual property rights.

Dani B Holdings made several trademark applications for variations of Danielle’s famous phrases in April and May. They had also already threatened Walmart with legal action for allegedly selling clothing branded with Danielle’s catchphrases.

Mathew Gruettner, owner of Anonymous Inc., was not concerned and seemed perfectly willing to have his day in cour

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