#KardashianCurseIsReal… Peep The Lyrics Of Kanye West’s “Hold Tight” Leaked Song.

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I don’t think Kanye West has not seen the movie ‘Get Out’ because this brotha is still in his sunken state.

Yesterday two of Kanye West‘s new songs leaked online.

On one of the track, Kanye West labeled “Hold Tight,” featuring Young Thug and Migos, is an AutoTune fest where ‘Ye says “I be actin’ like I’m white” and eventually repeats, “Forgive me if I ever doubted you.” A$AP Rocky lays down his bars for “Euro Switch Hands,” which features West talking his s–t per usual. A snippet of a third cut titled “Can U Be” also emerged after popping up around Instagram when Travis Scott shared a clip of ‘Ye dancing to it last year.

Parts of the song…

[Verse 2: Kanye West & (Quavo)]
I be actin’ like I’m white (white)
Fuckin’ white bitches, black and white dick (oh, ayy)
[?] like we don’t tiki talk shit, bossed up
100 bump, I do that shit all night
Sniff a line
I be sniffing Miley Cyrus with Miley Cyrus
In a bathroom with my thumb in her ass

Now I’m actin’ like I’m white

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