#PaperbackToya Reginae Carter And Toya Wright Claps Back at Tamar Braxton On The Gram.


It looks like one war end and another begins…

This time it involves Tamar Braxton and Reginae Carter.

May I ask? Reginae, What are you doing?

Tamar Braxton shade Toya Wright on the gram when she reached out to TIP and Tameka Harris “Paperback Toya”.

Toya Wright and Tamar allegedly fell out over Toya’s appearance on ‘The Real’. After, Tamar was fired from. We still don’t know the reason Tamar was fired.

After the incident, Toya  went on SEVERAL interviews to discuss Tamar fall out.

For instance,Toya   addressed the situation while promoting her new book “In My Own Words…”.

Toya takes the higher route and addresses Tamar’s beef in a interview with CNN Entertainment.

“My friend was on the talk show for what I believe was two seasons and I was never able to go on there. After my friend was fired, my publicist was able to get me on the show, which I found to be stranger. I never had a convo with my homegirl about what happened to her and how she ended up leaving the talk show. All I know is she no longer work  there (in other words fired)  . I was able to release the cover art of my new book on the show. I was super excited! Little did I know, when I was done with the show I was gonna lose a friend and get unfollowed. It was news to my ears as I logged on to my social media accounts to see that I was tagged in all kinds of posts saying that myself and another friend were unfollowed for going on the show.”

Another interview Toya interview with TBC back in October 2016.
Tamar was blocking her from making appearances on “The Real”.
She became friends from Tiny, they weren’t super close but she considered her a friend.

Catches breath.

Toya and Reginae both responds to Tamar Braxton… You can;t make this shit up. I swear.

Reginae response.

  • colormenaeWhen you look like this … and they look like no .. they stay mad 🤗
    P.s. Y’all can say stay In a child place all y’all want , imma ride for mine regardless


Toya response..

  • toyawrightPaperback Toya?? Really Bitch??! What does your non-sincere apology and fake ass public outreach have to do with me?? You are THE fakest bitch I know.  You wrote all of that pathetic, attention seeking bullshit but you conveniently forgot to tell them why ur REALLY mad?? Speak up l…tell em why you and your so-called best friend of 19 years fell out.  Why didn’t you tell them how petty you really are?  What type of bitch gets mad because a friend posts a birthday message about another friend?? I have your answer tho 👉🏾the same petty ass bitch that got mad At EVERYONE who went on the real talk show that she was FIRED from.  I’m sick of you popping off on everybody and then playing victim with yo over the top under the table ass.  You talk shit about your own sisters!  U a disrespectful, disloyal, jealous attention fiend. Your desire to be front and center and have all the attention even spilled over into to the church! People trying hear the Lord’s word and you want the people to watch u work!  Fake ass praise! Fuck You all days and all ways Tamar!
    Love always,
    Paperback Toya💋. My new book will be dropping in July!💰 #ihavetimetoday#iapologizetomyfollowers#shekeepplayingwithme#sometimethenolahavetocomeout


Fun Fact…

Toya Wright’s book made New York Times list E-Book Nonfiction back in October 2016.


by Toya Wright

Toya Wright

A memoir of a difficult year by the reality TV star, the former wife of the rapper Lil Wayne, whose brothers were killed in a drive-by shooting.



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