Oprah Can’t Save Canceled ‘Underground ‘Because It’s Too Expensive.

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It looks like John Legend’s ‘Underground’ will not be on OWN anytime soon…

Oprah shut that down…

It was announced, The network pull the plug on ‘Underground’ after two seasons.

During a press event on Tuesday for her network series “Queen Sugar,” Oprah Winfrey told a group of media attendees that the estimated production costs for the WGN America series preclude OWN’s consideration, according to Refinery29.

”I can’t afford ‘Underground,’” she said. “It cost twice as much to make as ‘Queen Sugar.’ As a matter of fact, my dear friend John Legend called me personally and asked me about it, but we’d already been talking about how we could make it work … It’s like $5 million an episode, so we can’t afford it. It’s not cheap, I think because it’s a period piece.”

Winfrey went on to add that she thinks the series is “a good show” and she “really tried” to save it, but it didn’t make “good business sense” for her to take it on.



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