Scandal.. Adrien Broner Accused of Rape By A Gram Model.


This is not a good look for boxer Adrien Broner. Adrien and his friends are accused of raping a Miami college student.

Straight from Straight from the A also has some information on the incident.

Here’s what a happen a Gram model/ college student spend some time with the boxer. Fast forward, Adrien is accused of drugging and raping the girl.

Yesterday this man and 4 other boxers raped my friend, drug her and left her stranded!

She wasn’t going to speak on it but several blogs on Instagram posted her name (without her permission) and now she wants to tell her side of the story.

A friend of the girl’s leaked the story to the blogs and after receiving a ton of backlash. According to screenshots of the girl’s story posted on snapchat, the ‘boxer’ is Adrien Broner.

Read more here.

fameolouslite💁🏽‍♀️ So, Greasy boxer, #AdrienBroner is in some shit again! A girl named Demaris claims she was raped and drugged by him and 3 other guys.. She went to the hospital where they found different DNA’s but the possibility of prosecution is unlikely because she doesn’t have “Mayweather money.” (based on HER text) Her FRIEND Mella is putting him on blast via Snapchat… Adrien responds to the allegations saying, “People trying to distract me, but I’m go shine”💅🏾👀 


Broner respond on his Gram page and accused people are trying to distract him ahead of his July 29 fight.




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