Bill Maher Apologizes For Use of Racial Slur on HBO’s ‘Real Time’

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Yesterday, Ice Cube explained the reason he’s doing to do the interview with Big Boy.

In the clip Ice Cube says, “Why cancel? It’s a great teachable moment.” Ice Cube says he’s going to talks about Bill using “House N****.

Last night, The episode guest list also included former Congressman David Jolly, CNN analyst David Gregory and activist Symone Sanders. Meanwhile, the mid-episode guest was Ice Cube, who was ready to address his perspective on the controversy during the show’s usual one-on-one discussion.

“What made you think it was cool to say that?” Cube asked Maher. “I accept your apology, but I still think we need to get to the root of the psyche, because I think there are a lot of guys out there who cross the line who are a little too familiar, or think they’re a little too familiar… It’s a word that has been used against us — it’s like a knife. It can be used as a weapon, or it can be used as a tool. And it’s been used as a weapon against us by white people and we’re not going to let that happen again by nobody because it’s not cool… That’s our word now, and you can’t have it back.

Click Here to watch the full episode.


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