Lionel Richie Talks About “All the Hits” Tour With Mariah Carey With ET.

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Lionel Richie is ready to hit the road with Mariah Carey for his “All the Hits” North American tour after a knee injury in March forced him to postpone the venture.

The 67-year-old singer got candid about recovering from a torn meniscus and resuming his All the Hits tour with Mariah Carey during a chat with

“You go into denial and you are like, ‘Oh, okay, I am having a little knee problem, I will just do some more shows and work it out,” Richie said of his initial response to the injury.

“In the old days if you got a little pain, you work it out. Well, the more I started doing shows, what I had was a torn meniscus and the guys said what you do with that is you have to stop, and I didn’t know how to stop.”

He added: “I am programmed to run and so stopping meant I had to announce to pull the tour and I don’t cancel tours. I don’t cancel shows.”

That’s when he went through a series of withdrawals where people had to sit and talk to him.

“‘Lionel, it is not the end of your career’,” he was told.

Now, he feels great and “back to normal”.

In February, Richie postponed the jaunt and underwent laparoscopic knee surgery.

Richie and Carey are joining forces for the first time on tour, kicking off on July 21 in Oakland, California.


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