Sean Kingston Claps Back At Reports Accusing Him Of Being Broke.


A few days ago it was reported, Sean Kingston has revealed his dire financial situation in a legal battle over unpaid lawyer bills.

The singer filed court docs stating he has less than $500 in his bank accounts and owns no property or cars.

In 2015, the lawyer James J. Gangitano sued Kingston, accusing him of refusing to pay up $12,500 worth of legal work he did in defending him.

Over the weekend, Sean found time out his busy schedule and laughs at the rumors. Sean is currently living it up while vacationing at #Turksandcaicos

  • louisi_ana24Only broke mfs wish this guy was broke and calling him broke so they can feel better about their pathetic lives…pretty sure if this mf was broke it wouldn’t be on no average mf broke status
  • seankingston@louisi_ana24 these clowns believe everything they read.. SMH may the Lord be with them.. 🙏🏽


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