Venus And Serena Williams Father Richard Williams Files for Divorce.


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Social media is speechless after reading details about Richard Williams divorce.

Trust me it is not PRETTY.

In the words of Kanye “Gold Digger”…

Details below..

Richard Williams, the father of South Florida tennis superstars Serena and Venus Williams, has filed for divorce from his young wife in a West Palm Beach courthouse.

He is claiming a litany of alleged wrongs from the Miami-born woman he married in 2010, then had a son with two years later.

Among other things, the 75-year-old former tennis coach says Lakeisha Williams, 38, is stealing his Social Security check, drinking herself into oblivion and forging his signature on official papers.

He claims the registered nurse’s aide deeded one of his houses to herself by faking his handwriting on the paperwork and switched ownership of several cars. Richard also alleges she forged his signature on an application for a $152,000 mortgage she eventually obtained.

Although he no longer trains Venus and Serena, who won a total 11 Miami Open finals, Richard is often credited with teaching the sport to his famous daughters and building the foundations that would eventually make them into superstars,


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