Jerrod Carmichael Is Upset With NBC Pulled The Carmichael Show’s Mass Shooting Episode.

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On Wednesday, NBC declined to air a new episode of the issues-driven sitcom The Carmichael Show about the aftermath of a mass shooting after two shootings earlier in the day — one in Virginia that injured four including the House Majority Whip and left the assailant dead and one in San Francisco in which four people were killed.

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That same day, Jerrod Carmichael taped an appearance on the Netflix talk show Chelsea in which he expressed disappointment and frustration with NBC for considering pulling the episode, which it did later that day, in which Carmichael’s character witnesses a mass shooting.
“I thought that episode would have an opportunity to talk about these tragedies in a meaningful way, to really lend itself to conversation,” Carmichael told host Chelsea Handler. “A lot of times when things like this happen and someone wants to talk about it in an outlet that’s not the news, people will say ‘too soon.’ But when is it not too soon? Unfortunately, these things happen constantly and it’s a thing that breaks all of our hearts.”


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