Zendaya Rocks Her First Cover Of Vogue.



Zendaya has finally scored her first Vogue cover, appearing on the elite fashion magazine’s July 2017 cover, sporting bangs that frame her face and a white feathered knee-length Calvin Klein fall 2017 Ready-to-Wear halter dress with black and yellow accents.

What you learn from Zendaya from the interiew:

  • She overhauled the K.C. Undercover premise before signing on to the Disney show. 
    Starting by changing the name of the show from Super Awesome Katy to K.C. Undercover, Zendaya took her executive producer role seriously, insisting on making K.C. a brainiac role model who isn’t interested in singing, acting or dancing, and who holds a black belt in karate.
  •  She does incredible impressions.
    According to Aguirre, Zendaya can impersonate everyone from her father (Kazembe Ajamu, a former P.E. teacher) to her stylist, Law Roach, to Erykah Badu and even Bruno Mars with ease.
  • Her aunties were Black Panthers.
    According to her dad, meetings were occasionally held in the basement of his childhood home in Oakland, which Zendaya also grew up in.

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