Tamar Braxton Addresses Toya Wright And Tameka Harris Situation On V 103.

Tamar does a recent interview with V 103 and  of course  addresses the Tameka Harris and Toya Wright situation.

If you missed the previous stories click Here, Here to read,

  • At the 2:06 mark, Tamar says she does not go back and forward with anybody not even the devil.
  • Big Tigger recaps the situation where she post a throwback picture of Tiny and T.I. where Toya got offended over #paperback shade. 2:34 mark
  • Tamar says, “Sorry about that I man. What you want me to do. .. Tamar explains, “The day was Logan’s birthday. I got tagged on a happy birthday to Logan from Tiny. Which is Logan’s God mother. And, Tip was saying on the gram that me and Tiny need to stop being a diva and makeup right. And, so I thought it was sweetest gesture. So that’s why I decided to know you send a public apology to my dearest friend.
  • “It wasn’t about that show, and it wasn’t about the things that Toya was saying because she did go on a whole media tour and wrote a book about how she thought I was a horrible friend. It was hurtful to me because that was the first time I seen it, on a radio station. I didn’t know we weren’t friends. 3:32 mark.. Wrote a book about about how she felt like I was a horrible friend.  Tamar says while she was on the show  she never reached out to me and said that she wanted to be on the show. I’m not the talent booker I am the talent. Tamar had no power on who goes on the show.
  • At the 4:49 mark Tamar says she loves Reginae and the whole clique. I want everybody to win.
  • At the 5:39  mark Tamar denies being a Diva. Tamar reminds Toya she made a nice gesture that I went to her brothers funeral and that I basically economically made sure all of her friends were there.


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