Farrah Abraham Defends Calling Chad Johnson’s Mom A Black Piece Of S*** On ‘Marriage Booth Camp Reality: Family Edition’.

It’s not a secret Farrah and Paula hate each other guts.

Last night on ‘MBC’ things went from 0-100 real quickly.

Farrah Abraham continues to collect enemies when Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson’s mother Paula Johnson runs afoul of the Teen Mom OG star.

“Enough is enough,” says Abraham, 26, after a particularly fierce outburst by the former NFL player’s mom. “We get to be verbally, like, abused, tangled up in her web of anger, alcoholism — but no one can give her a piece of her s— that she’s starts.”

As Paula gets increasingly ornery, focusing her wrath on Abraham, the former 16 & Pregnant star likewise ups her aggressiveness, saying Paula “needs to go to jail and needs to get the s— beat out of her.”

The argument escalates and seems it could take a physical turn as Paula asks, “Did you graduate from high school?”

Abraham fires back, “I did. And guess what? I didn’t have to leave my kids like you did.”

Spits out Paula: “You trailer park trash!”

Capping off the feud rages, the Teen Mom star — who has embraced her sexuality — tells Paula: “When I go f— your son, I’ll send you a picture.

Click Here to watch…

Full episode soon..

Farrah reacts to the situation on social media.

Paula realize your not going to treat people badly, attack people, provoke,be racist&Be an alcoholic WRONG is WRONG see ya Bye Felicia 🇺🇸



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