Amber Rose Interview With ‘Hollywood Unlocked’ Airs Today.


Early this month, Jason ‘from Hollywood Unlocked’ personally invited Amber Rose after Jason accused Amber of acting like a bish towards him.

  • Jason says. “Shout out to Amber Rose  I heard she had a lot to talk about us specifically. She was talking about us in Philly this weekend. Somebody was at a table and she said that, “Hollywood Unlocked is messy and unfair. And, I just don’t think she paid attention to the fact that:That we partner with Amber Rose a couple times when she did a launch of her emoji and so other shit I don’t know but I approved.
  • Jason continues, “The thing that’s interesting to me about Amber. She’s a fake bitch! And, I don’t understand why every time I see her like I show love to like everybody. If I know you If I recognize you. I will say hello… and keep it moving.
  • Jason says, “He’s been critical about the Slut Walk because I don’t know what the sluts are walking about.  Off topic We are here Jason I feel the same way.
  • Jason says. “I been critical about her brand because I don’t know  what the fuck she’s doing with it.  I was critical when she hopped off a superstar dick and went to a regular nigga dick. Now she’s just out there.
  • At the 34:45 mark, Jason says, ” I remember where I saw Amber at Puffy’s party at Prince’s house years ago. I remember when Amber and Quincy was hanging out and I know they fucked. I never said it publicity until right now. (35:13 mark).

Amber Rose  does  the interview. Watch a sneak peek below…



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