Ray J And Chris Brown Release ‘Burn My Name’ Joint Mixtape.

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Back in 2016, Ray J revealed the news about the diss track in an interview with Billboard back in October.

So Ray J pulls a Drake and release the track while Kanye was sent to the hospital.

Ray J has responded with a “Famous” of his own. His new track, also called “Famous,” features Chris Brown Ray J notably references Kim Kardashian and her family: “Look at the family, they walk around proud/All because she had my dick in her mouth.” After a few similar barbs toward the West/Kardashian family, he ends the verse with this: “I got me a baddass wife and I’m happy now.”

Here’s an update on that…

Chris Breezy and Ray J drop their  Burn My Name’ mix tape June 16th.

Is it hot or nah????

  • Fuck Them Hoes
  • Already Love Her
  • Come Back
  • Side Bitch
  • Cherry Red Vans
  • New Gang
  • Let It Bang ft. Payso B, Jackie Long Truth KO
  • Famous
  • Burn My Name

Click Here to download.


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