‘The Carmichael Show’ Renewal In Jeopardy.

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Not good at all…

Just last week the show sparked controversy when…

NBC declined to air a new episode of the issues-driven sitcom The Carmichael Show about the aftermath of a mass shooting after two shootings earlier in the day — one in Virginia that injured four including the House Majority Whip and left the assailant dead and one in San Francisco in which four people were killed.

The show season 3 premiered May 31st.

According to reports, The Carmichael Show, a rare critically acclaimed multi-camera sitcom, scored a dramatic eleventh hour renewal last year, with a deal coming after NBC had announced its fall schedule and its executive had faced questions about the show’s uncertain future. Season three was produced for midseason but was held until May 31. There were concerns that the delay would chip away at the show’s timeliness, which had been part of its DNA, taking on hot-button subjects like police violence. But Season three had proven unexpectedly timely — NBC even moved to postpone at the last minute last week’s episode, which deals with a mass shooting as it fell on a day of two real-life mass shootings in the U.S., including the shooting at the Congressional baseball practice. The network’s decision was publicly criticized by Carmichael who called it “criminal.”


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