Tyrese Explains Why He’s Not in the New Transformers Movie.


How you gonna to act like that?

No, this is not a #tyresechallenge

Tyrese post a lengthy message explaining to folks why he isn’t in the ‘Transformers’ movie on the gram.

tyreseGuys I’m sorry to tell you I’ve been saying it for a while now I’m NOT in T5 and I’m actually bummed out about it trust me – director @MichaelBay went out of his way to bring back me and Josh to surprise the fans and I was PUMPED!!!! Then the reality kicked in we were shooting #F8 at the same time they were shooting #T5 and the schedule just got screwed- I felt so bad about missing the shoot I actually flew all the way to London to hang out with Bay on the set and to give him some energy cause he and the studio tried hard to pull it off- Lucky for Josh aka Lennox he got to play in the sand box again and I didn’t!!!! I’m going to see the film but just wanted you guys to know I’m not in it………. #NoEpps#StillBummedOut I got 2 freakin FULL SIZE robots in my HOUSE and I’m NOT in #T5 let’s see what happens in the future……. Love you guys always!


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