Lakers select UCLA’s Lonzo Ball No. 2 overall in NBA draft.

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Good news…

Lavar Ball’s son Lonzo Ball is a Los Angeles Laker.

The Lakers had 2 ½ minutes left on the clock when Ball’s agent handed him a phone. Seconds later the whole table — all three Ball brothers, patriarch Lavar, two friends, and, most importantly, Lonzo himself — grinned as they took in the moment.

LaVar didn’t disappoint when he got his interview just minutes after Lonzo was drafted.

“I’m tryin’ to tell you. I knew this was happenin’ before it was happenin’!” he said.

Later, when asked for a prediction about Lonzo’s rookie year, LaVar offered an ambitious guarantee.

“Lonzo Ball is gonna take the Lakers to the playoffs his first year. Come see me when he does. I’ll have another hat on that say ‘I told you so.'”

Click Here to watch the interview.


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