Nicki Minaj UNFOLLOWS Her Stan After Complimenting Remy Ma On Social Media.


The petty award goes out to Ms. Nicki Minaj…

Nicki Minaj unfollowed her stan after complimenting her “enemy”  Remy Ma on social media.

I mean if Remy Ma looks good on the Gram. It’s not a big deal.

This is the most pettiest shit I have seen today. That poor stan has spent his or her own money helping to fund Nicki’s extravagant lifestyle. If Nicki M. is reading this do better. It is not that serious.

“She unfollowed me…. I’m nauseous… I’m currently wearing my no frauds shirt and I got unfollowed today…. How ironic. I’m wearing my favs shirt rn and I’m unfollowed by my fav… Said Remy was pretty.. All I said was I think she’s pretty. Not that deep. Ofc I’m team Minaj. Totally regret posting it tho..I said Remy was pretty…. I understand what you guys are saying. I’m just really upset bc I mean I’m wearing my no frauds shirt RIGHT FUCKING NOW and I find out….  IM FUCKINH CRYINH MOEI….

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Word of advice to Wade Minaj find a fav who’s not pressed over anything petty. It is not the end of the world. Take it as it a blessing in disguised… It’s going to be okay.

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