TLC Are Still In The Legal Battle With Pebbles Over ‘VH1’s TLC Biopic’ Lawsuit.

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A brief recap…

Back in September 2015,  Pebbles claim the movie was not depicted accurately and damage her reputation click Here , here, and here if you missed the story.  The Jasmine Brand manages to get the court documents. TLC and Chilli only got paid $60,000. Damn.

Then on September 23rd, the depositions of Chili and T-Boz were filed in the case which lay out exactly how much they were paid by VH1 for the rights to their life story.

According to testimony both girls gave under oath, the deals they signed with the network paid only 60k each for the rights to film the movie.. exclusively reports, TLC’s former manager, Pebbles, scored a huge victory in her $40 million lawsuit over the VH1 biopic about the group – in which she accused the made-for-tv-film of ruining her good name – with the judge presiding over the case saying he believes she has a case and has allowed it to proceed to trial.

Also, Babyface talked about the lawsuit on ‘The Wendy Williams Show’ in October 2016,

  • Babyface says, “He does not think (Pebbles) robbed them from their money.” (5:43 mark).
  • Babyface continues “I don’t think that happened and they made her too hard. She was a strong woman trying to do business…. There would not be a TLC without Pebbles.

TLC talks about the financial side in the music industry and reveal they couldn’t talk  much about Pebbles because they are currently in a legal battle.

To their credit, the two have been categorically burned by the industry. To go bankrupt at the peak of their fame and success still stings. “I will never forget the day we were millionaires for literally five minutes,” says Watkins. “Because the check was written to us and we had to sign it over, back to [Pebbles, their former manager]. But we won’t get into that since we’re still in a lawsuit.”

Chilli said….

“If I could go back, I would definitely change a couple of things business-wise,” says Thomas. “I have learned the hard way: sign your own cheques, make sure your taxes are in shape and whatever your company is, it’s always good to get it audited. If you don’t have anything to hide, it’s not a worry.”

“It’s not personal,” adds Watkins, hard as nails, “it’s business. Everyone in this industry has an agenda. Accountants, lawyers, people you think you know will keep running up the bill. You have to watch your back on every corner.”

Left Eye broke down how you can sell 10 Million albums and be broke one of my favorite scenes from the ‘Last Days of Left Eye’ Documentary.

TLC is working overtime to promote their new album. Pre-order the new album TLC self-titled album here.


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