Here It Goes.. Joe Budden and Migos Turn Up And More At The BET Awards Edition | Everyday Struggle


Earlier this morning, Joe Budden and Migos were trending for all the WRONG reasons click Here if you missed that.

Now, watch the entire footage below.

The interview begins at the 1:17:12 mark.

  • DJ Akademiks talks about Quavo success..
  • Take Off says “He wasn’t left off from  popular song ‘Bad and Boujee”.
  • 1:18:45 mark Joe Budden hops up and says “We have to wrap this up. Yo!””
  • Quavo says to Joe Budden  “Well, wrap it up then”.
  • Joe Budden rushes Akademiks by telling him to “Close It”.
  • Joe Budden gots up and drops the mic.
  • All tree of the member of Migos stoop up as if they were going to whoop Joe Budden’s ass.




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