Addressing the Migos Situation, Big Sean Taking Shots, Safaree Jumped | Everyday Struggle.

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Joe Budden and the crew talks about the recent Migos showdown on the show.

Near the beginning, Joe Budden says , “I never want to talk to anybody”.

  • Joe continues “You guys are bit more lenient about that yet somehow the PTB comes up with a nice voting system. (3:26 mark). We have a voting system we get the list Migos’s name is up there. I vote no immediately.  The other two vote “Yes”.
  • Joe Budden continues.. “He never seen a good Migos interview. So,  I don’t want to talk to somebody who’s not going to provide a good interview.
  • Fast forward to the incident…
  • At the 6:27 mark, DJ. Akademiks says Lil Yachty sort of snub at the event.
  • At the 8:47 Joe Budden says “Migos gave the driest most boring interview that and I didn’t know why they was sitting there.”
  • Joe says he respects their notoriety but this is our show.
  • Joe says, You are not going to come here and give your ass to kiss. Somebody has to draw a line in the sand. I don’t give a fuck about your stardom.

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