Aretha Franklin cancels Toronto show for health reasons.

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Get well soon Ms. Franklin…

Back in August 2016, Aretha Franklin has canceled a handful of upcoming concerts following a recommendation by her doctors to rest up. “Due to doctors’ orders I will have to cancel a few concerts for the next month or so,” the soul legend said in a statement Monday.

Now..  Aretha Franklin has canceled a July 1 concert in Toronto due to health concerns.

Franklin’s show at the Sony Centre for the Performing Arts was shelved “as per doctor’s orders,” according to the venue’s website. She will make up the show, part of the Toronto Jazz Festival, on June 28, 2018, promoters say.

Franklin performed a free concert in Detroit earlier this month, and left the hometown audience with an ominous message. “God bless you, God keep you,” the Queen of Soul told fans after her headlining performance at the inaugural Detroit Music Weekend. She then told the crowd, “Keep me in your prayers.”



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