Hold Up! Brandy And Her Man Sir The Baptist Break Up Or Nah?

Hell to the nah…

Sir the Baptist just recent told Sway Universe and the crew how he spit spiritual  game to get B rocka. Now reports are saying the couple is over.

Yoooooooooo! What the hayle happened?

This interview air early this month.

At the 7:31 mark Sir the Baptist talks about his debut album ‘Saints and Sinners’ with Atlantic Records. There’s a song called “God is on her way.”

Sir  Baptist explains the concept of the song.  He says, “I was going through a breakup like too much was going on. I was becoming an artist that was kinda popular in my city. She was just like nah I’m good. I went into the booth. I was just like okay you know what. God like I need you to send me a wife. And the reason why I don’t want to get to a point like stardom and then try to find somebody who can love me for me. Just send me a wife. When I got into the booth things just changed. It was like God you’re on the way… When i found someone I was like… Wow!  I had to tell her you look a lot like God.

Sir Baptist confirms the woman is Brandy.

Sir Baptist continues “Brandy is like the last genius of the legend era. Her and Beyonce was like MJ favorite. And then when you go in the studio with her. You realized the things and how she roam around. She’s really a genius.  (10:24 mark).

Word on the blogs B Rocka and ol’ dude broke up?
Last night Brandy made this cryptic post on the gram and also unfollowed Sir the Baptist and deleted all his pictures from her page.

Almost doesn’t count…


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