Irv Gotti: 50 Cent Will Never, Ever, Ever Slap Me On ‘HipHollywood’.

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Back on June 12th,  Irv did an interview with the BFC and of course talked about 50 Cent.

  • “If the Feds wasn’t bad enough, I had to deal with [50 Cent],” Irv explained to the hosts while discussing a meeting with a psychic who said he’d eventually “go through hell.”
  • “The hottest rapper in the world is sayin’ ‘f**k me,’ going on a world tour that says ‘f**k Irv Gotti, Ja Rule,’ and everyone is about him,” he said. “He’s calling me a p***y, and he has an order of protection against me and everyone.”
  • “The guy who’s proclaiming to be the roughest, toughest Don Dolla bully? Ni**a you got beat up and poked up…and you took out an order of protection! That’s women sh*t!” he said. “You’re sayin’ ‘I smell p***y,’ it’s you, ni**a…we just gotta sit and weather the f**kin’ storm, while this ni**a is smackin’ us and spittin’ in our faces. We have to go like this, ‘thank you, may I have another?’”

50 clapped back by threatened to slap Irv.

you think people can’t see you soft IRV. You say you beat the Fed’s no, you never did nothing you fucking punk. I will slap the shit out you, and you will say thanks May I have another. LOL

Irv Gotti responds in an interview on HIP Hollywood.

Irv Gotti tells HipHollywood there is no one in the world that will walk up to him and slap him, including 50 Cent. He also says Fiddy beefs with his own children so he’s not surprised when he takes shots at the Murder Inc. crew.


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