Meghan James Talks Rob Kardashian Dating Rumor With ‘Hollywood Unlocked’.


If you missed the previous Meghan James and Rob K. drama click Here to read.

Meghan does an interview with Hollywood Unlocked about Rob K. and more.

  • At the 6:36 mark Meghan talks about being on Season 9 of the ‘Bad Girls Club.
  • Meghan says that she hates when people remember on the ‘BGC’.
  • Also, She says the producers of the show did not give a fuck about you.
  • 11:44 mark Meghan reacts to the negative comments she receive from social media while on the ‘BGC’.
  • At the 17:14 mark Meghan talks about being on the Basketball Wives’ show.  Meghan started dating a basketball player Kendrick Brown.
  • Meghan says Jackie Christie needed a friend on the show. Jackie thought Meghan was her friend and pitch her to be on the show.
  • Meghan says Jackie Christie is crazy at the 19:14 mark.
  • At the 19:21 mark Meghan talks about Draya says Draya did not like her from the get go.
  • Meghan believes jealously may have play a role in Draya not liking her.
  • Meghan says Draya used to convince people not to film with her on the show.
  • Meghan says the network told her she was coming back but they never called her back.
  • At the 24:32 mark Meghan denies dating Rob K. and says she never met Rob.
  • At the 25:08 mark Meghan explains how the rumors began.  A friend brought her a pair of Arthur George socks (Clothing line by Rob K.) The socks said classy bitch on them. And she thought they were so me.
  • Meghan explains, “She takes the picture in the sock and tagged Arthur George on the gram.”
  • Meghan loves the Kardashians and supports all their products. (25:28 mark).
  • Meghan says “Rob K. likes Meghan’s picture”.
  • A couple of days Rob. K liking the picture story is feature on  Fameolous blog.
  • Two weeks later TMZ, Us Weekly flooded her emails trying to get an exclusive interview.