Mimi Faust Responds To Joseline Hernandez Calling Stevie J’s Daughter Nappy Head and A Hoe.

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Mimi Faust reacts to the incident on the gram.

  • mimifaustIn case anyone Had any questions, On why I was So Adamant about NOT having that woman around my child…. Case in Point.

Mimi filed that restraining order against Joseline. Click Here if you missed that.

Savannah J claps back at Joseline on social media.

A fan post a throwback photo of Joseline with her  afro.

Whenever Shenellica Bettencourt aka Joseline Hernandez uses the term “nappy headed hoes”

Savannah J Retweeted KITCHEN QUEEN

I’m screaming 😂😭😭


Savannah J Retweeted #VernettaWinston


Savannah J added,

Replying to 

And now I’m very liable to punch on you. He can’t save YOU anymore




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