Cash Money Records Launches New Cash Money App for 20th Anniversary.

Back in May of this year, Both Birdman and Slim does a recent interview with Billboard recap their or 20-plus years in the industry.

Did you know how the music business worked before you started Cash Money?

Birdman: Nah, I learned from trial and error. I made mistakes and I learned from my mistakes. I studied other people who was in the business, but I just started with no know-how, and really just started from nothing and turned it into something.

Slim: I was blind to the check, all of it. But I pick up quick. I started putting things together myself, what this takes, what that’s like. When we first started, I was just like, “I’m gonna start a record company,” but nobody would ever tell us [how]. I just figured it out. I was like, I’m gonna need a lawyer, I knew that, we incorporated the name and I just started putting things together. I watched a lot of the other guys who came before me and I just gathered my information by watching them and putting it together.

Click Here if you missed that.

Today new surface about Cash Money Records releases their new Cash Money app to celebrate their   20th anniversary,

More details.

Exclusively available at the app store today, the Cash Money app will enable users to recreate iconic album covers with their own personal photos, have access to a free introductory “Sticker Pack” of 20 add-ons, and browse through the “Tattoo Pack,” which will feature legendary tattoos of Birdman and Lil Wayne. In addition, the app will stream over 15 classic videos with exclusive behind-the-scenes footage with commentary from artists, filmmakers, and talent.

“We’re always excited for the next innovation in the music industry,” says Cash Money Records co-founder, Ronald “Slim” Williams in a press release. “The app engages fans on the modern playing field, while celebrating our history. It’s the perfect balance. I can remember selling our first releases out of my car, and I can’t wait to see how the album artwork comes to life in the digital space! It’s the beginning of yet another era for Cash Money.”

Back in April of this year, Stunna went on a profanity filled rant reminded  folks. *Clears Throat* He does not need to make anymo’  records while he  proceeds to show off his billion plaque.

” Big boy shit right here! A billionnnn units I need to say this to all this dick sucking fuck niggas like for real, for real. I don’t give a fuck if I sell another record bitch. I accomplished what I never thought I would accomplish. This shit is bigger than MC Donald’s . Bitch!”


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