Diddy Talks About His Love Life, “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop: A Bad Boy Story”, And More On ‘The Wendy Williams Show’.


Let’s go!!!

  • At the 1:09 mark, Diddy says he’s truly proud of Wendy. Diddy says, “I don’t you get enough credit for being the first one to really cover our culture. You know hip hop culture and hip hop celebrities.
  • Wendy asks Diddy how he maintains good health. Diddy says, “He went through Ramadan and fasted with friends of mine who is a Muslim. So that’s why I’m extra snatched right now at the 3:57 mark. Diddy says he’s been carrying about stuff he put inside of him.
  • Diddy talks about his six kids and three baby moms at the 6:48 mark.  Diddy said “They are ALL take care of.”
  • At the 7:04 mark, Diddy talks about his baby mothers. “He met all of them in the same year So I know all of them in the same amount of time but we were friends.” Wendy facial expressions kills me. Diddy continues to explain “No, No, No, No , look  who why did I do that?  Diddy says, ” I was trying to say it wasn’t like I was just running around through my career. And, ever couple of years being with a new person like these are people that were my friends and then I get my heart broken. And my friend would be there and I would fall in love with my friend. And then I would get my heart broken again.
  • At the 7:37 mark, Diddy confirms he’s in love now.
  • Wendy brings up Cassie at the 7:46 mark.  Diddy says, “It’s just like when a record comes on along the way she moves. When I look at her the way she smiles. The way I see her look at me sometimes when I wake up she’s already awake.
  • Diddy talks about sitting on the steps at the Met Gala at the 8:29 mark. Diddy says “They didn’t have my tickets right before. So I said I’m going to stunt on them and sit on the stairs. As my woman looks good and takes those pictures.
  • Diddy talks about “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop: A Bad Boy Story” at the 9:22 mark he wanted a story for American American men and women to have a success story.




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