Jermaine Dupri Meets with Xscape.

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Earlier this year there were rumors of friction between Jermaine Dupri and his newly reunited girl group Xscape.
The ice may be thawing between them…

This week Jermaine Dupri shared video of Xscape having a meeting at his Southside Studios in Atlanta, though Kandi Burruss looked less than impressed.

Fun fact… My readers on the gram had notice tension between the members of the group.

You know who was inspired right…

  • ucantfindmecuzidontwannabfoundFor some reason….I have this vibe that they don’t get along ….I don’t know why I get this vibe but I do
  • tiamiss90@ucantfindmecuzidontwannabfound you know what’s so crazy I was saying the same thing to myself .. im happy they’re back together but I’ve searched and watched their interviews and appearances lately and it still seems clickish. The sisters and then tiny and Kandi. But for all we know it could just be their still getting to know each other all over again. It has been years since they’ve hung around each other. But yes. I get the same vibe.
  • ucantfindmecuzidontwannabfound@tiamiss90 that’s true too plus they did have beef and this is more business than anything



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