Keke Palmer Follows Reginae Carter On The Gram After Blocked On Social Media.

Last night, Reginae Carter made headlines because the reality star/ mini  female version of  pops Lil Wayne questions Keke Palmer.  Why Keke block her on social media?

Keke  caught wind of Reginae’s message and follows Reginae. Good….

Get on Keke’s wrong side..  It’s a wrap!

In the video Reginae says…

“Let me tell y’all something about Keke Palmer. I don’t have a problem with Keke Palmer, but Keke Palmer, I’m blocked on Keke Palmer’s page. Girl, I didn’t do nothing to you. I actually like Keke Palmer, so I don’t even know why. Me and my best friend Lourdes are blocked off her page and we just want to know what’s up cause…?”

“One day I just went on her page, and I just was blocked. What I’m thinking is, it’s probably like a fan page or somebody faking like me that added me, she seen that was the first name she saw was my name, I don’t know, but baby don’t block me. Girl, I don’t got problems with you. She did block me for no reason y’all.”

“And I told my Daddy too. I was like, ‘Daddy Keke Palmer blocked me.’ Y’all already know what his response was. First it’s, ‘Who is Keke Palmer?’ I had to tell him that cause he old and he don’t know nobody. And then he was like, ‘Oh. Forget her.’”

Reginae says the video is old…



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