Karl Kani on 2Pac Not Charging Him for Ad, Biggie Wearing Kani Jeans When He Died On Vlad TV.


Karl Kani sat down with DJ Vlad to discuss a series of topics concerning his start in fashion and how he built his brand. The Karl Kani brand became a staple in hip-hop culture, and Kani details how legends like Biggie and Pac catapulted his brand into legendary status. Karl Kani revealed the backstory to the iconic ad that featured Pac sitting atop a basketball rim which symbolized the raw connection between the brand and the hip-hop community. He even disclosed the fact that his jeans were worn by the Notorious BIG the night he was murdered. Karl Kani’s clothing symbolized an era of hip-hop prompting the producers of All Eyez On Me to have Kani oversee the wardrobe for the film.



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