Phaedra Parks: I’m Bigger Than An Hour Show | ESSENCE


Fuckery on July the 4th…

Back on May 27th, Kandi Burruss said she will NEVER speak to former friend Phaedra Parks again after Phaedra started rumors that Kandi wanted to drug and rape her Real Housewives of Atlanta co-star Porsha Williams…

During  Essence Festival’s first day of the Empowerment Experience Phaedra Parks does a recent interview.

A brief summary…

Black people are often portrayed as one thing, especially those we consume on salacious reality TV shows, but we are more than that. In Phaedra’s own words, “Black women are mosaic. We are diverse in nature.”

At the 1:02 mark, Phaedra says “Television is a tough business and the purpose of television is obviously to entertain and sometimes at the expense of the people who are doing the entertaining. And, so it’s a very hard platform to you know obviously maintain certain things on because it is a platform. Where they have the power to edit and make things appear as though they’re on thing. But it really something different. You know I can’t live in regrets. But I do know is…  Because you know I’m bigger than an hour show. I’m bigger than the 12 minutes you see me on the screen.  I’m bigger than one day that you have watched me…..

Back in May, Andy did an interview on ‘BFC’.

  • At the 2:04 The BFC talks about RHOA.  Envy asked Andy, “Did you expect anything like that to ever happen? Andy responds, “No”.
  • Andy says he was very surprise that Phaedra said this came for me (Kandu date rape rumors).
  • Andy says he spoke to Phaedra a few days later and says he was really surprise she didn’t defend herself more.
  • Andy says he don’t believe in response to (Phaedra claims the producers told her) at the 3:18 mark.
  • Andy says “You can’t tell someone to go say this on camera like it just doesn’t work.) at the 3:45 mark.
  • Andy talks Phaedra firing rumors at the 3:56 mark.  Andy says, “There is rumors that she’s fired I mean we’re looking at next season and you have to look at where we left off which is that none of the women want to engage with her. That”s a tough place to come back from


  1. Damn, if being ethically compromised and a low life gets her through her day, what thee hayle is getting her through her nights? I get she was doing a job for TV but she is an attorney and she is not above reproach. She is supposed to be well versed in culpability. She may be a piss poor trial lawyer but she knows the law and I trust that her contract is written as such where she is not legally responsible for the character she played for “entertainment purposes” thus protecting her amoral, Bible thumping behind from the Bar Association. Code of conduct rules need not apply to Mrs Parks


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