Update. Oh Shit. Ferrari Trolls Rob Kardashian On THE Gram With Photo Of Blac Chyna Naked In Bed.


Update from TMZ.

Sources close to Ferrari tell us the photos were actually taken a month ago when Rob had no idea Chyna was hooking up with Ferrari. They are extra insulting since Chyna is wearing both Ferrari’s $250k chain and the jewelry that Rob bought her.
We’re told Ferrari is retaliating because Rob called him broke on social media … and Ferrari insists that’s just not the case.

Judging from the photos of Blac Chyna sweat out natural hair….

Ferrarind Blac Chyna were not praying underneath those covers.

Going to mess around and give Rob a heart attack.

Rob K. called out Blac Chyna and old dude in a lengthy rant on the gram. Click Here if you missed that.

Not too long Ferraritru3 decides to be messy by posting this pictures above on the gram  with these captions.


That 250k In Jewelry Ain’t mean Shit to RARRI💯 Rep Yo set 🥋 Lesson Learned Daniel Son 🥋

A post shared by Only 1 Ferrari (@ferraritru3) on Jul 6, 2017 at 8:54am PDT



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