Pebbles Gives An Update Status On The Viacom, TLC Biopic, VH1, Legal Battle.

The last time we heard about the lawsuit.

Back on June 24th, TLC talks about the financial side in the music industry and reveal they couldn’t talk much about Pebbles because they are currently in a legal battle.

To their credit, the two have been categorically burned by the industry. To go bankrupt at the peak of their fame and success still stings. “I will never forget the day we were millionaires for literally five minutes,” says Watkins. “Because the check was written to us and we had to sign it over, back to [Pebbles, their former manager]. But we won’t get into that since we’re still in a lawsuit.”

Pebbles give an update on the lawsuit.

  •   13h13 hours ago
  • Just reading how upset Jada Pinkett Smith is about The 2 PAC movie portrayal of her was lies and make believe. This needs to be stopped!🤔
  • I don’t think it’s ok for these Billion dollar Companies be able to get away with trashing people’s lives w/o checking the story✋🏾……
  • They feel that WE can’t do anything about it & they move forward to secure the lies w/the other participants. It’s time for them 2 Stop ✋🏾
  •  I’m hoping my case against Viacom will be a lesson. The Judge sided with me in summary judgement …moved it forth to trial. 👌🏾….
  • Viacom filed asking the Judge to reconsider his decision. The Judge will speak soon on the matter. time to set boundaries on lives & Corps….
  •  I have not spoken on what all this has done to my life…But, it’s been horrific. One day, I’ll show you. ♥️people #🙏🏾
  • You can do great things out here. Just don’t try to harm other people while doing it. The SKY is the limit.BUT, be careful with HOW u do it….
  • People that recklessly cause lawsuits with their “Screw them” mentality..Should be fired ASAP. I would have cleaned house. Hired P! Lol #🤔
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