Sneak Peek Alert. Da Brat Spills Some Vintage Tea On Rasheeda’s Husband Kirk On ‘Dish Nation’.

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On tonight’s episode on ‘Dish Nation’ the Brat-tat-tat will be spilling some tea on Rasheeda’s husband Kirk. Let’s just say Kirk gets around in the ATL. This was wayyy before the gram.

Peep this.

“Kirk Frost, Rasheeda’s husband, before they were married when I first met him….He wrote his name and number on 20, 100 dollar bills and begged me to call him,” she said on Dish Nation. “Not begged me, but asked me to call him. And wrote his name and number on the front and back of each one.”

In addition to the money, Da Brat said, Kirk also bought her a car to try to win her over. “I got a Lincoln Navigator, I got quite a few things. Maybe throughout the course, for a little while,” she said.

It’s an interesting tidbit at a time when Kirk is in hot water at Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta for apparently stepping out on Rasheeda and fathering a child with another woman. Recently, a teaser clip of the reunion special for the show showed that Rasheeda is not taking the news well, as she broke down in tears when she tried to speak about the affair, telling Kirk that it “broke” her.



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