Ferrari And Bonita 4 Real Address Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian Drama.

Rob K. recently exposed Blac Chyna and TIP in one day.

Yesterday, Ferrari trolled Rob K when he post a photo of Blac Chyna  naked, naked in between those sheets.

Both Ferrari And Bonita 4 Real address the situation in different interviews.

First, Bonita 4 Real speaks out in a radio interview.

According to TSR reports, Bonita that it was all for the purpose of Rob using her to find out more about Ferrari. He had learned that Chyna was creeping on him and was trying to confirm his suspicions.

The ultimate gag is that while we all thought Chyna was licking Rob like a sucker, she got licked by Ferrari! Bonita told #967TheBeat in Atlanta that they conspired to hit Chyna for lick after she told Ferrari that she loved him just two months of seeing each other! In fact, he doesn’t even like Chyna like that and was trying to get whatever fame he could get off of her name.

And then….

 Ferrari stepped into The Shade Room just to offer some clarification on what exactly was going on behind the scenes. According to him, this drama originated from Rob allegedly sliding into his baby mama Bonita’s DMs. Ferrari told us that he wasn’t with that and decided to get at Blac Chyna in revenge.


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