Baton Rouge officer injured in ambush sues DeRay Mckesson and four other Black Lives Matter leaders.

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Back in August 2016, DeRay Mckesson was arrested in a protest in Baton Rouge, Louisiana click Here if you missed that. The activist is seeking legal matter over the incident.

Mckesson’s attorney, Roy J. Rodney Jr., said he is alleging that the arrests of the protesters were illegal, and the jurisdiction must return to them their bond money and expunge any arrest records.

And then….

The  officer is sued Deray over inciting violence.

According to NYDN reports, A Louisiana cop has filed a lawsuit blaming a prominent Black Lives Matter activist for getting struck in the face by a piece of concrete — even though the suit concedes the named activist didn’t actually throw anything.

Here’s an update on the situation.

According to reports, DeRay Mckesson and four other Black Lives Matter leaders are named as defendants in the suit filed Friday on behalf of one of the officers wounded in the July 17 attack by a black military veteran, who killed three other officers before he was shot dead.

The suit doesn’t name the officer, but its description of the plaintiff matches East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff’s Deputy Nicholas Tullier, who was has been at a Houston rehabilitation hospital since November.

The same attorneys who filed Friday’s suit previously sued Black Lives Matter and Mckesson on behalf of a Baton Rouge police officer who was injured at a protest over a deadly police shooting last July.

“This is quite a world,” Mckesson said Friday when a reporter informed him of the latest lawsuit.


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