Double Stories: Blac Chyna’s Full ‘Nightline’ Interview/ Blac Chyna Threatens to Sue Former Lover.


ABC’s Nightline aired an extended interview with the reality star later that evening. “I was devastated. I’m looking at this and I’m like, ‘How could someone do this to me?'” she confessed. “I was very fearful because I was like, ‘If you could do this, what else could you do?'”  Chyna argued that her past as a stripper is irrelevant. “Just because of something that I used to do, I shouldn’t be bullied to say, ‘OK, well, you used to do this, so you deserve that,'” she said of the three pictures Rob shared with his nearly 10 million Instagram followers. In California, revenge porn is a misdemeanor, punishable by a $1,000 fine or up to six months in jail. As Lisa explained to Linsey Davis, “First of all, she has not posted pictures of her genitals in the past. Secondly, any explicit photos that she may have chosen to post in the past, that’s her choice.”

Click Here to watch full interview.

If you missed Ferarri posted a picture of Blac Chyna nude in bed click Here to read.

The reality TV star’s attorney Lisa Bloom sent a letter to rapper Rarri True — also known as Ferrari — threatening fines and jail time if he were to distribute or post photos of Chyna’s body parts online, according to the document obtained by TMZ.

Ferrari had posted an image of himself in bed with Chyna on Thursday after her ex, Rob Kardashian, accused her of cheating on him with multiple men.




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