Sneak Peek Alert. ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 6’ Episode 18 (Reunion Part 2).

In this sneak peek to part two of the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta reunion, Tommie expresses that she has no regrets in putting Lovely Mimi onto the crazy ATL scene. If you know Tommie, then you’d know she’s a lover not a fighter, unless you try her. Luckily for Mimi, she never has so the two are still cool. Karlie clearly has a problem with this because of Lovely Mimi’s loyalty to the woman who tried to steal Joc. Apparently some things were aired out on social media and when Tommie calls Karlie out on saying Mimi’s a clown, Miss Redd denies it. She then goes on to say that Lovely Mimi is a fraud because her salon is allegedly not owned. It starts to get “rah rah,” then cue: Shane (the security guard.) He swoops in right on time before ish goes left.

Click Here to watch.


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