2 Chainz Says, Kanye West And Jay-Z Are Still Brothers Even After Diss on ‘4:44’.

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Straight from the source.

There were rumors about Kanye West left Tidal over Jay-Z recent diss. Click Here and Here if you missed that.

2 Chainz does a recent interview with DJ Drama talks about Remy Ma has issues with him, Kanye West and more.

In fact, Tity Boi recalled a particular conversation with Yeezy that sparked their friendship and one with Jigga that may have contributed to JAY-Z’s beef with the Louis Vuitton Don. “What people don’t know is that Jay called me behind ‘Ye and there was a little something going on right there because ‘Ye wasn’t cool with that. Jay had got Jermaine Dupri to call me. They called me on 3-way.” Afterwards, Tity realized that there was a problem. “When Jay called, I happened to tell ‘Ye,” he said. “He was like, ‘You lying! I can’t believe he called you!’ I’m like, ‘Oh shit.’”

But that didn’t affect his relationship with Kanyeezy. In fact, the two recently shared a family dinner, where they spoke about Hov. “You know Jay came up,” he said. “I knew that when I was going over…But for the most part, we still brothers. He had a couple things that was probably personal that

You know Nicki Minaj diss Remy Ma on 2 Chainz single ‘Realize’.

The rapper reveals in the interview.

“Me and Remy was talking about doing something before all of this happened,” he said. “Papoose dapped me down and she was like, ‘I don’t rock with Tity Boi no more.’ She ain’t say it like that, but she was like, ‘I don’t fuck with him.’ But she was in my face and I was saying, ‘I love you though.’ Papoose was like, ‘How you let that happen?’ Anyway, anyhow, like I told them, I had no control over someone else’s artistic expression. I sent her a song. This is what the song apparently made her say or do. Originally, I only asked Nicki to do a hook so for her to do more than a hook, I wasn’t gonna come back and say, ‘You’re doing too much.’ I was very appreciative of it. Nicki and her have been taking shots on each other and everybody’s tracks…I told them, I pray that they can come to some sort of resolution because they’re two dope black women.”


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