Charlamagne Tha God Will Be Taking Over ‘Catfish’ Spinoff On MTV.

Image result for charlamagne  june 2017

Stay on the grind….

This will be the black version of the popular ‘show Catfish’ on MTV.

MTV has greenlighted a spinoff of Catfish, titled Catfish: TrollsUndressed, a dating series in which contestants are tasked with undressing each other (down to their undergarments) almost immediately after meeting; and game show Win Big.

Set to launch in September, Catfish: Trolls will be hosted by Charlamagne Tha God and Raymond Braun doing their part to stop internet trolls. Using the Catfish brand of investigating the truth, the 10-episode series from Critical Content unmasks the web’s most vocal trolls to drag them out of hiding and into the light.

Each 30-minute episode of Undressed will see the two contestants, prompted by a large video screen, getting to know each other by answering questions and performing challenges.




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