Kandi Burruss On ‘Real Housewives Of Atlanta Season 10,’ Xscape Reunion | TODAY


Kandi Burruss moved on to become one of the stars of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.” She promises TODAY a little drama between herself and NeNe Leakes in the show’s 10th season, and also talks about Xscape’s comeback tour and her Atlanta restaurant, Old Lady Gang.

Cliff notes…

  • At the beginning of the interview Kandi confirms just beginning to film new season of ‘RHOA’.  Kandi says, “We never know how much drama there going to be until the season is finish taping.”
  • Kandi says, “She’s just taped with Nene the other day and of course there was a little drama over there… but so far she and I are on good terms. Which was unusual compare to last season.” At the 0:45 mark.
  • Kandi explains the reason she return to the new season of ‘RHOA’.  She says, “Well you know what last season was very stressful for me but, I decided that I’m not going to let that get the best of me. Bravo’s been very great to me. As for as I have met my husband through the show. We’ve got married and my own spin-off. It’s just  so many positive things  that have out weighed the negative.
  • Kandi denies the drama on the show is manufactured and explains… At the 1:34 mark.
  • At the 2:04 mark, The crew and Kandi talk about the Xscape reunion.  Kandi says, “It’s a full tour we’re trying to put together for the group. I just have to say the love and response from the people. Have been overwhelming. Kandi continues, “We sold out three shows last week… Also, with taping “Housewives” we are also doing a special for the reunion of Xscape on Bravo.
  • At the 3:10 mark, Kandi talks about the ‘Old Lady Gang’ restaurant with her hubby Todd.

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