Tyrese Talks About The Importance Of Generational Wealth In The Black Community And More In New Interview.

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Tyrese does a recent interview with EUR Web.

The singer is set to perform at the  L.A. Soul Music Festival in the interview he talks bout TGT and the importance of generational wealth in the black community.

Let’s go!

On what Tyrese says about TGT:

“When I get on stage and I’m in my hometown, man, anything can happen,” said Tyrese. “I’m excited; I never get to perform in LA. I’m bringing my full band out with me. We’re going to have a great, great time. So, I just hope everybody come out and enjoy themselves.”

When asked if TGT, the R&B supergroup made up of Tyrese, Ginuwine and Tank may reunite, Tyrese answered “you never know. People just got to show up. I don’t know, I can’t tell you.”

On what Tyrese says about generational wealth in the black community.

“As an entrepreneur, man, I’m just branching out into a bunch of different things. The days of me just talking about singing or what movie I got coming up, that’s cool, but we’re trying to create generational wealth,” said Tyrese.

“I think a lot of us are just continuing to put money in corporate America’s pockets and not owning and developing enough of our own businesses and ventures. Those days are just long over for me. I don’t wake up every day trying to figure out how can I be more famous. I’m just focusing on generational wealth and what I can do to help my city,” Tyrese added.


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