Ne Yo’s Wife Crystal Renay Put On Blast Accused Of Not Paying Make Up Artist.


In Bish Better Have My Money Section of this site,  a gram user name @billieejean  put  Ne Yo’s wife on blast for failing to pay for her services. Billiee also refers to Crystal as a “Gold Digger” as well in her lengthy PSA.

  • billieejeanPUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: I don’t normally blast people on the internet but I’ve had enough. I’m tired of Hollywood people trying ROB people. This is @neyo wife @itscrystalsmithand she hired me to work on Es new show married to the music. She flew me out and was so unprofessional and a fucking prude. I left early because I’m not going to let some gold digging nobody talk to me how she was and disrespect my craft! She wanted to do her own makeup which looked like trash I hate to say it but I refuse to have my name on that face. Anyways, the bitch refuses to pay me for anything. She owes me over $800 I didn’t even charge her for the extra bs. You don’t treat people like this it ain’t right just because you feel you’re better than them and upper class. The only reason you livin in Shays house Bc you played him into thinking you love him. Well bitch you ain’t playing me!
    So unless you want your address online you might want to pay me. Maybe someone will rob you like you Rob’n me. I would hate to do that to Neyo it’s not his fault his wife is a phony, stuck up, gold digger. Remember baby I’m from STOCKTON CA AND WE DONT PLAY THAT SHIT. So run me my money. I’m a firm believer in karma 😘 that is all. #goddontlikeugly

Ne Yo steps in and defend his lady and family in Billiee’s comment section.


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