Ayana Fite And Brandon Barnes Quit ‘Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta’.

Image result for Ayana Fite And Brandon Barnes 2017

You all know Brandon Barnes is  still on Reginae Carter’s shit list for not putting any respeck on her father Lil Wayne … (On the show Brandon claim he can save Lil Wayne career.) It’s been World War III every since…..

In the video…

  • Brandon Barnes says tricky editing made his artist showcase seem like a total disaster when it wasn’t.
  • And.. Ayana is annoyed that the season focused so much on Brandon and Reginae’s fallout, but she also revealed on GRAM Live recently that she feels like editing made it seem like her girlfriend Amy mistreated her….
  • Ayana says, “They probably are going to have a season two. I don’t think I’ma be there but there’s going to be a season two.”

This is what happen when you join a reality show.

Good luck to Brandon Barnes and Ayana!

Watch the full clip Here.


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