Ferrari Spills All On Blac Chyna And Rob Kardashian Drama On WCGi 107.5 FM.

Ferrari did a 20 min interview with Chicago’s finest ‘Chicago Morning Takeover’ on WCGi about the Blac Chyna and Rob K. situation.

Click Here and Here if you missed the stories.

Cliff notes.

  • Ferrari is from Chicago.
  • Ferrari explains he met Blac Chyna at the 0:59 mark. She DM him on the gram two 1/2 months ago.
  • Ferrari sent his number and later got a Face time from Chyna. Chyna was trying to see if he was cat fishing her. (1:45 mark).
  • They connect in Vegas.
  • At first Blac Chyna says Ferrari  was acting too bougie. At the 2:36 mark.
  • The crew asked how long did before he smashed? Ferrari responds, “The first time as soon as I got out there. … I flew out there about a week and a half later. 3:12 mark. We kicked, popped some liquor and chilled. Lit some little candles, kicked it, and watch some movies. And, I got a little aggressive you know  and things go down….
  • At the 4:31 mark Ferrari denies dating Chyna.. He refers it to persona dripping.
  • At the 5:00 mark (RECAP)  Rob K. claims Ferrari reached out to him because you wanted to get money unless you was going to share details.
  • Ferrari denies the information.  “That’s false” Ferrari explains,” My child’s mother they had a little conflict going on.. I think it’s because a lot of people was hurt after the situation. You know me and her was blunt to the situation. They both knew. (5:26 mark) Ferrari confirms they had a full conversation.
  • At the 5:52 mark. Exclusive. Ferrari said there was a proposition being made. He promised a million plus tax free.
  • Ferrari never told Rob that he smashed Chyna. (6:15 mark).
  • Rob offered a million dollars for Ferrari to go away. (6:48 mark)

Click Here to listen.


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