‘RHOA’ Matt Jordan Talks Kenya Moore Marriage and Peter Brawl on Jules Uncut | Episode 8


Good morning peeps…

The last time we heard from Matt when Peter Thomas talked about the fight on the ‘BFC’.

Matt does a recent interview with Jules Uncut. He talks about Kenya’s marriage and the fight with Peter.

Let’s go!

  • At the 2:06 mark, Matt explains what went wrong in the relationship with Kenya. Matt says, “I always said a problem that was there was respect and communication….
  • Matt continues, “When we got back from Mexico. We had a bad time in Mexico. We got into a big argument. Um.. I found out that there was a conversation that she had with another guy about her doctor’s appointments.  In regards to her intro fertilization. And, I asked her about it. Matt pretty much says he didn’t like the fact that another man knows this personal information without communicating with Matt first.
  • That conversation did not go well. We got into a big argument. I left the room and she locked me out of the hotel room. I sleep in the lobby. Go to the airport we are on the same flight. Don’t talk on the same flight. (3:25 mark)
  • When we get back mind you we are like in a really exclusive area in Mexico. We get back and nobody knew who either one of us was while we was there. When we get back I see TMZ. “Kenya Moore survives nightmare vacation with boyfriend. And then I called. I’m like hey what’s up like who sold the story or who gave them the story. It is extremely detailed. And, Kenya starts crying like oh one of the producers on the show. I confided in them. And they took the story. And I say which one was it? Kenya responds, “I don’t want to say. I don’t want to say.  And, she tells me “Okay Matt just wait and we’ll get it on camera. Just wait.
  • Matt responds, “I’m like okay but if one of the producers violated you like that. I think we need to know you know which one or who would do something like that. She never said who it was. And, I found out later that she actually told them herself. (4:26 mark)
  • Matt talks about  Peter Thomas and the brawl around the 13:28 mark.
  • Matt reacts to Kenya Moore’s marriage at the 13:57 mark.  Matt found out on the gram about Kenya’s marriage.


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