Papoose And Remy Ma Confronted 2 Chainz Over ‘Realize’ Single.

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A few days ago, 2 Chainz talked about his single ‘Realize’ with Nicki Minaj.

The rapper revealed in the interview.

“Me and Remy was talking about doing something before all of this happened,” he said. “Papoose dapped me down and she was like, ‘I don’t rock with Tity Boi no more.’ She ain’t say it like that, but she was like, ‘I don’t fuck with him.’ But she was in my face and I was saying, ‘I love you though.’ Papoose was like, ‘How you let that happen?’ Anyway, anyhow, like I told them, I had no control over someone else’s artistic expression. I sent her a song. This is what the song apparently made her say or do. Originally, I only asked Nicki to do a hook so for her to do more than a hook, I wasn’t gonna come back and say, ‘You’re doing too much.’ I was very appreciative of it. Nicki and her have been taking shots on each other and everybody’s tracks…I told them, I pray that they can come to some sort of resolution because they’re two dope black women.”

Last night video footage surface on the gram both Papoose and Remy Ma confronted 2 Chainz over the single at the recent Hot 97 Summer Jam. Shout out to @TheHypeDaily for the video.



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